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There is a beautiful old wine cellar in Chile that has been gaining world-wide acclaim. The Devil’s Locker’, known as Casillero del Diablo in Spanish is located beneath the countryside and once belonged to a businessman in the 19th century, who went by the name Don Melchor. Now, rumour has it that Don Melchor noticed that his fine wines that were kept under lock and key kept mysteriously disappearing from the cellar. So, he invented a tale (bear in mind, we are talking about some 100 years ago) that a devil lived deep down in his cellar, to discourage thieves from stealing his wine. Some people have even admitted to seeing the devil, more known as the Cellar’s Guardian. Today, Casillero del Diablo is owned by the world-famous Concha y Toro, the biggest wine company in Chile, claiming to be the second biggest in the world.  The various editions by Casillero del Diablo is known for its best-value and consistency, making a staple wine to many around the world.

ABV 13.7% vol

Casillero Del Diablo Rose Wine 70cl

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